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We’re so proud of you! Committing to Whole30 is a tremendous accomplishment. Now let’s get started, together!

One of the hardest things about Whole30 is planning your meals. To help you make great food choices, our chefs have designed many delicious meal options that are Whole30 approved and easy to enjoy.

Eat the 80 meals are never frozen. They are hand-prepared in our kitchen, vacuum sealed for freshness, and delivered to your door in a recyclable, temperature-controlled box.

Heating them up takes as little as 3 minutes in a microwave. Then you get to enjoy crisp, flavorful vegetables and tender, juicy meat without any of the shopping, cooking, or cleaning!

Select the best plan for your first week of meals!

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5 Meal Plan

Delivered weekly.

$73.00 $14.60 /meal
$54.75 $10.95 /meal + shipping

7 Meal Plan

Delivered weekly.

$96.00 $13.71 /meal
$72.00 $10.28 /meal + shipping

10 Meal Plan

Delivered weekly or bi-weekly.

$129.00 $12.90 /meal
$96.75 $9.67 /meal + shipping
Best Value

14 Meal Plan

Delivered weekly or bi-weekly.

$179.00 $12.79 /meal
$134.25 $9.59 /meal + shipping

Succeeding With Whole30 Has Never Been So Easy!

Step 1: Select Your Plan

1. Select Your Plan

Start by choosing how many meals you’d like and how often you would like to receive them. We want to make sure you are getting the best plan for your lifestyle.

Step 2: We Cook Your Meals Fresh

2. We Cook Your Meals Fresh

Our team of chefs take great pride in preparing all of our meals from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients.

Step 3: We Deliver Right To You

3. Delivered Right To You

We ship the meals straight to your door, so they arrive fresh and ready to eat.

It's Never Too Late To Start Eating Healthy!