Superfood Spotlight: Pears

Superfood Spotlight: Pears


Pears are a member of the rose family and are at the peak of their season here in the tropical climate of Florida! There are over 300 known species, from the speckled green Bartlett to the earthy brown Bosc. Evidence suggests that pears are even prehistoric, having been eaten and cultivated for nearly 3,000 years.


Pears, just like apples, are nutrient powerhouses. They are one of the most fiber rich fruits containing 25% of the daily recommended fiber intake! Apples are known for their pectin fiber content, but pears have even more! Pectin acts as a natural diuretic and digestive regulator by binding to toxins & cholesterol in the intestines and ever so kindly escorting them to the exit #YouCantSitWithUs. Through this process, pears promote detoxification within the body while also supporting optimal gut health!

Pears are rich in Vitamin C, which (in case you forgot) fends off free radicals, lowers oxidative stress, maintains metabolism, aids in tissue repair, inhibits cell mutation, and promotes anti-aging. And we can’t forget the antioxidants. The skin of pears holds 3x the amount of key phytonutrients than the flesh – so eat the peel! The anti-inflammatory benefits of this fruit are also notable, making them a perfect, hydrating post-workout snack that will also replenish glycogen stores with its natural fructose and glucose content.

Lastly, according to studies by the National Cancer Institute, “consuming fresh fruit daily show positive effects on the body’s ability to prevent cancer growth, reduce inflammation, remain in pH balance, decrease oxidative damage to lipids and improve antioxidant status in healthy humans.” It’s safe to say a pear a day will also keep the doctor away!


Unlike apples, pears do not tend to ripen while on the tree, but rather after they have been picked. When buying pears, choose those without bruises or spots and slightly soft (like an avocado would be). Allow pears to ripen on your countertop at home. Pears are typically eaten raw, but can also be enjoyed cooked, juiced, frozen, or dried! Add pears to a salad for a hydrating crunch, throw them in a smoothie for natural sweetness without the refined sugar, bake them halved with warm cinnamon, or simply grab one to enjoy on-the-go!

THE “80 WAY”

Our much-loved, foodie approved Chicken with Balsamic Pears and Roasted Garlic Kale contains diced, locally-grown, juicy pears. We can almost taste the health from here! And don’t worry, we include the skins!



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