FAQ for Members

Check Out Our Most Asked Questions Below

We will deliver your meals from the hours of 8-12 PM on Mondays, and again on Thursdays. We deliver your Monday-Wednesday meals first. Then on Thursdays, we deliver the remainder. This way your meals are as farm fresh as possible!

You don’t have to be home to receive your order. Although we do love seeing a smiling face receive their meals!

If you do not plan on being home for your delivery, we ask that you leave a cooler at your door so that we can place your meals in a cool environment. Our delivery bags are insulated. However, in hot weather, we prefer to keep your meals as cool as possible.

We also don’t reccomend the meals being left in a cooler outside longer than an hour, before being refrigerated.

We will attempt to deliver your meals to the address you provide for us during the checkout process. If you are not there for delivery, we will call you first but we will not leave the meals at the location unattended.

If we do not hear back from you by the time the driver’s route is over, the meals will be brought back to the main kitchen. We will then contact you to establish a pick-up location that works best.

You can see the list and hours of all of our pick-up locations here. (Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the link)

You can see our paleo menu, traditional menu, and our vegetarian menu at the links provided. The menu will show all meals for four weeks at a time.

If you need to hold your membership, please email us at info@eatthe80.com, or give us a call at 352-234-3408.

Holds must be done in 1 week intervals. Also, please let us know at least one week prior that you will need to place your membership on hold, so we have adequate time to communicate to our kitchen. The deadline to place a membership on hold is Tuesday at 5 pm for the following week.

Simply return your yellow delivery bag to your pick-up location each Monday & Thursday when you grab your next set of meals. If you’re having your meals delivered, your driver will swap last week’s bag for a brand new one each delivery.

Our billing works one week ahead of time as this is when we buy produce from our farmers, and finalize our orders. By finalizing orders ahead of time, we are drastically able to reduce any food waste. Yay! So every Tuesday after 5 pm, you will be billed for meals the following Monday.

If your meals are on hold, you will get a charge the Tuesday before you resume. Your bill would have been skipped the Tuesday before you went on hold.