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Extra Crunchy - Finger Lickin’ (Paleo) Nachos

Hey Doritos - We see your “lady friendly” chips, and to be honest, we’re not interested.


The Big Fat Comeback

Dietary fat has gotten a bad rap over the past decades. Low fat diets became all the rage as we watched households replace their butter and eggs with processed, reduced-fat “food” products.


Tis’ The Season - To Say No!

Holidays have more food & drink pressure than ever. We're here to tell you it’s okay to say no!


The Best Holiday-Inspired Mocha EVER

Confession: We’ve officially drank the Christmas kool-aid. Literally.


Eat the 80’s 2017 Local Wellness & Foodie Gift Guide

Giving gifts to your favorite athlete, health-nut, or foodie doesn’t have to be stressful!


Five Reasons Why Eating Seasonally is Better for You

Shopping for seasonal groceries will boost the flavor and nutrition of your meals.

It's Never Too Late To Start Eating Healthy!